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LILYPHONE. The very name strikes a chord. Your mind begins to wander... and then wonder: it is seemingly English sounding but resonates with a foreign reverberation all at the same time. That best describes the music group going by this appellation, though.

Lilyphone is guaranteed to be one of the freshest sensations to arrive on the music scene. Their alternative take on Pop/Americana gives the band the international sound that appeals to a global audience which makes their performance itinerary boundless.

Lilyphone met at the Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and on a band trip to Nashville (TN) they were discovered by producer Rogers Masson. Masson, who has worked with a myriad of artists ranging from Eric Clapton and Marilyn Manson to Day of Fire, began recording and mixing the songs.

Masson states, "When I first heard Lilyphone I knew I was witnessing something truly unique and artistically special. The sound is so rich and vibrant, so completely full of life that it welcomes you in like family, and draws you close like love. This group, and how their songs speak, has fundamentally changed the way I look at music and approach recording."

Dan Keen, a vice president with ASCAP, is likewise one of their most loyal fans. "I am over the moon for this group and will rest with nothing less than making Lilyphone a household word," states Keen from his Nashville office.

Their debut album released in 2009 was primarily acoustic and made Album Of The Week on the Danish National Radio. After a lot of hard work they have now completed the recording of their second studio album which marks a change in both style and energy towards a more electric, edgy sound..

Marie Keis Uhre (Vocal, Guitar). Henrik Steen (Bass, Vocal). Jakob Thomhav (Guitar, Vocal). Thomas Steen Hansen (Drums, Vocal).


From Copenhagen to Nashville

In the summer of 2006 the band was about to leave for a tour on the West Bank of Palestine in order to present their music on a completely different scene and at the same time be a part of a large scale Danish-Palestinian cultural collaboration. But a series of Danish drawings of the prophet Muhammed put an abrupt end to that plan. Due to safety measures it was impossible to play the scheduled shows in Palestine, and instead the band embarked upon an impulsive trip to Nashville (TN), USA. Without any contacts but with a firm belief in the musical kinship, the four members of Lilyphone left for the country music capital of the world to play two shows. A trip that evolved into much more than they had dared to dream of.

At the very first show the right man was in the audience, and in no time the band had obtained a large network, which has enabled Lilyphone to tour in the States.

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